About Us

Harvest & Hearth is a celebration of this spectacular region and a state that has everything.  We realize the importance of supporting both our local & organic farming communities and others all over New York and New England.  Our seasonal specials menu brings you the best that both have to offer.  Our dough is made with water from our own Saratoga Springs and the finest artisan flours.  Most of our fruits and vegetables are locally grown, certified natural or organic produce.  Our meats are free range and/or nitrate and antibiotic free.  Though many of your favorites can be found at the bar, we specialize in organic New York State and New England beers and wines and encourage you to give these earthy vintages and brews a try. 

In sharing a meal at Harvest & Hearth, you are choosing sustainability, conservation, simplicity, integrity, loyalty, and the importance of family and home.  We hope that you enjoy your experience, and come back for more time around the hearth.  Thank you for your patronage and support!

Peter & Gina Michelin

Photograph of Peter at our pizza oven
taken  from B.A. Nilson's Metroland Review