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Oven Lovin'

Metroland - June 29, 2011

by: B.A. Nilsson


The oven is an arresting sight. It’s Le Panyol Model 120, if you want to get technical about it, from a French company that dates back to the 1840s and specializes in refractory earthenware products fashioned with a special white clay called terre blanche that’s quarried on the edge of Provence.


“I did a lot of research to find it,” says Harvest & Hearth chef-owner Peter Michelin. “And I spent a couple of days in Maine learning how to cook in an oven like this, at a cooking school called Stone Turtle, run by Michael Jubinsky.” Jubinsky is a legend in hearth-cooking circles, and his classes sell out months in advance.


Harvest & Hearth’s most recent incarnation was as Chameleon on the Lake, but it’s undergone a remarkable change inside and out. Some of it is subtle, some dramatic, like the glistening wood floors. But nothing tops the sight of that

Pizza so Good, It's Organic

The Free George

by: Chelsea Slosberg


Pizza is either delicious, or utterly forgettable. Harvest & Hearth, located in Saratoga Springs, serves up the delicious variety.


Harvest & Hearth is a relatively new addition to the town of Saratoga Springs, having opened in October of 2008. The proprietors of the restaurant, Peter and Gina Michelin, picked a great locale, equipped with comfortable indoor seating and outdoor seating for those warm summer months. You can sit back in Adirondack chairs, overlooking the creek, as you watch the setting sun and enjoy your meal or drinks.


Our table ordered three large artisan pizzas: Olivia’s Organic with all natural whole milk mozzarella, served with asiago cheeses, fresh organic herbs, and garlic infused organic extra virgin olive oil; The Shrooms, a wild mushroom blend,


Pizza, more on shore

Albany Times Union

by: Celina Ottaway


Sometimes you don't know what you've been looking for until you find it.


Halfway through our dinner at Harvest and Hearth, the wood-fired pizza spot that opened last year in Saratoga Springs, I realized that this was the family restaurant I'd been missing. We don't have a go-to pizza place where we can take our boisterous children and throw-back-your-head-and-laugh friends to enjoy a relaxing but high-quality meal that won't drain the bank. Yes, there are plenty of red-sauce places and pizza joints near us, but what I'd been looking for, without realizing it, was a casual atmosphere paired with a level of food that is a step up in ingredients and ambition.


Harvest and Hearth isn't perfect, and it has some new-kid kinks to work out in both service and consistency, but it is a great place to gather with friends and family.



Go now, to Harvest & Hearth

Albany Times Union

by: Leigh Hornbeck


Not right now, because its not open until tomorrow at 4:30 p.m., but go when you have a chance because it is so good. I brought a friend to lunch there yesterday. The interior of the unassuming building is essentially the same as I remember it when Chameleon on the Lake occupied the space, it is wide open and reminds me of Spanish construction, built to capture every breeze, a lay-out better suited to the summer in these parts. But the food and service more than made up for the chill. We ordered Mamie’s Poppy Salad, which is made with mesclun greens, poached pears and a delicious dressing owner/chef Peter Michelin later told me is a three-generations-old recipe from his wife’s family.



Go Organic at Harvest and Hearth

Saratoga Food Fanatic

by: Ashley Dingeman


Known for their pizzas, Harvest and Hearth uses their wood fired pizza oven to destroy any other pizza in Saratoga. The thin crust is crunchy on the outside and slightly doughy on the inside. What’s even better is the different toppings. Over the years, I have tried every single combination they’ve put together on their menu and I haven’t had a single one yet that I didn’t love. The use of fresh herbs is always a huge bonus too. You can tell whenever anything comes from the kitchen (or the pizza making station towards the left of the restaurant), it’s totally fresh and totally awesome.



Harvest & Hearth: Pizza in Cozy Comfort

The Daily Gazette - May 11, 2014

by: Karen Bjornland


I adore pizza. So why it take me seven years to find Harvest & Hearth? Maybe it’s the “out of sight, out of mind” effect.

The address may say Saratoga Springs but there are no sidewalks or Victorian buildings near this wood-fired pizza place.

Only a 10-minute drive from Broadway via Lake Avenue/Route 29, Harvest & Hearth inhabits a humble one-story wooden building on the shores of Fish Creek, a summer playground for kayakers and stand- up paddleboarders.

Harvest & Hearth: Pizza With a View in Saratoga, NY

Spoon University

by: Alixandra Rutnik


Killer thin crust pizza + amazing view = best pizza ever. I first had Harvest & Hearth pizza on a date. I was a bit skeptical, because I really love pizza, and I hate when restaurants serve up a less-than-fantastic slice. Fortunately, Harvest & Hearth exceeded expectations, and now it’s all I talk about. Pizza is a classic. I truly enjoy pizza when it is has a perfect thin crust, and Harvest & Hearth really captures the essence of gourmet, thin crust pizza.



web hearth.jpg
Pizza Kept Simple - and Delicious - at Cozy Harvest & Hearth

The Daily Gazette - January 20, 2019

by: Caroline Lee


I was hungry. Lisa was on her way over, and I was tempted to have a bite to hold me over. In the end, I was glad I skipped the snack, because the food at Harvest & Hearth was definitely worth waiting for.



Breathtaking Views, Classic Wood-Fired Pizza at Saratoga

Spectrum Local News - August 15, 2016


When you're searching for a great meal after a busy day at the track, sometimes it's nice to relax away from the hustle and bustle of downtown. At Harvest and Hearth, Matt Hunter brings us to a hidden gem on Fish Creek that combines breathtaking views with classic wood-fired pizza.



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